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What's been going on with Dr. Tamara?


We have had a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. I made good use of my time by resting and just being present in my house and with my family. It is so nice being able to hang out with my kids doing nothing but a little coercion in getting the house work done. We were able to spend time at a friends house on Thanksgiving day and enjoyed a fantastic meal. Spent black Friday shopping locally in downtown Sonora.Then we had a wonderful holiday celebration on Saturday with family and friends.


the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays. Not only for all of the wonderful food, and not only that my husband does all the cooking. But it's a time we get to share with family and reflect on what we're thankful for.  I have even suggested to the kids that I want them to reserve Thanksgiving for our family even as they get older and have families of their own.

As I take this time and reflect on all the things I have to be grateful for, I realize there is so much. Why do I only use this week to count my blessings? There are 52 weeks in a year, and better yet 365 days in a year. Instead of picking one thing a day I'm thankful for because I get all caught up in, "Wait, I was thankful for that last week." I'll write down 3 wins I had today. If I'm on my "A" game, I'll write 3 things I'll win tomorrow! Sounds inspiring doesn't it? This idea comes from my friend, Jeff Walker.

As I'm gearing up for a year in gratitude one of the major things on my list is my health and the health of my family. I have learned so much about the care and feeding of the human frame. Not only physically but mentally as well. Diet, exercise, positive mental attitude, and neurofeedback. Positive mental attitude can be a stumbling point for someone with anxiety or/and depression and neurofeedback can play a major part in helping overcome those symptoms.

We've seen some amazing turnarounds in people using our ClearMind system of retraining your brain. The first step is to evaluate how your brain waves are functioning in each part of your head, then assign treatment protocols to get them firing properly. Training your brain is easy and fun! 

See, doesn't he look like he is having a good time?

For the month of December we will be offering a 50% discount on brain maps. Just $99!
The last special we had was so popular that we ran out of brain mapping hours. We will now be available 5 days a week for mapping. Please call our office to talk to Dr. Lund directly about your interest or questions.
Contact Dr. Tamara at her website, or office phone 209-536-9182.
" I want to thank you for introducing me to neuro-biofeedback, as you know I have been through some hard times.  I no  longer take any anti depression medication. Neuro-biofeedback has been truly transformative for me, and instrumental to my happiness. I am emotionally stronger than I have ever been.
                                                                                                          Thanks again, Mike"

.*Neurosol® is a unique combination of nutrients designed to support a healthy nervous system. This formula features the conditionally essential fatty acid GLA , to support tissue health. Vitamin C helps protect delicate nerve tissue from oxidation. Select B vitamins , including methylcobalamin–an active coenzyme form of vitamin B12–support healthy methylation and homocysteine metabolism for healthy nervous system function.*
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